The Multiscale Bowler-Hat Transform for Vessel Enhancement in 3D Biomedical Images


Enhancement and detection of 3D vessel-like structures has long been an open problem as most existing image processing methods fail in many aspects, including a lack of uniform enhancement between vessels of different radii and a lack of enhancement at the junctions. Here, we propose a method based on mathematical morphology to enhance 3D vessel-like structures in biomedical images. The proposed method, 3D bowler-hat transform, combines sphere and line structuring elements to enhance vessel-like structures. The proposed method is validated on synthetic and real data and compared with state-of-the-art methods. Our results show that the proposed method achieves a high-quality vessel-like structures enhancement in both synthetic and real biomedical images, and is able to cope with variations in vessels thickness throughout vascular networks while remaining robust at junctions.

British Machine Vision Conference 2018