Below are just a few key publications and reports that I’ve been involved in. A full list of academic publications can be found on Google Scholar.

Key Publications

  • Nelson, C. J. Mathematical Morphology for Quantification in Biological & Medical Image Analysis. Durham University. PhD Thesis (2017)
  • Sazak, Ç.*, Nelson, C. J.* & Obara, B. The Multiscale Bowler-Hat Transform for
    Vessel Enhancement in Biomedical Images. IEEE Transactions in Image Processing. Sub-
    mitted (2017)
  • Nelson, C. J., Jackson, P. T. G. & Obara, B. Ellipse Detection by Hilbert-Edge
    Detection and Ranging (HEDAR). In Preparation (2017)
  • Nelson, C. J., Duckney, P., Hawkins, T. J., Deeks, M. J., Laissue, P. P., Hussey,
    P. J. & Obara, B. Blobs and curves: object-based colocalisation for plant cells. Functional
    Plant Biology
    42, 471–485 (2015)
  • Nelson, C. J. The Scratch Wound Assay: Scratching Away at Cancer with Image Analysis. Durham University. MSci Thesis (2013)

* These authors contributed equally to this paper.

Other Reports

  • Nelson, C.J., Woodcock, A. & McKibbin, R. BBSRC Review of Bioimaging. BBSRC Report. (2016)
  • Nelson, C. J. Interdisciplinary Studies: A Global Perspective. Matariki Undergraduate Research Network. (2012)