Quantiative Calcium Imaging with Computational Optics

Working with the Imaging Concepts Group (University of Glasgow) I am interested in comparing how different computational imaging approaches to calcium imaging effect the analysis of calcium signalling between neurons.

Imaging the Developing Eye

As an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Research Fellow (University of Glasgow) I have begun to explore the challenges of imaging eye development in zebrafish. The two key challenges are the optical power of the eye lens, which focusses light in a way undesirable for imaging, and the light-sensitive nature of the retina.

Graph Theory of Networks of Neurons

As an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Research Fellow (University of Glasgow), I am investigated the use of graph theory, the mathematical background to network science, to understand how networks of neurons change organisation throughout development. In particular, I am developing analysis pipelines for the quantitative exploration of retinal development as measured by multi-electrode array (MEA) recordings and calcium imaging.