Revolutions in Light Microscopy


Microscopy and imaging provide some of the most visually exciting and scientifically informative data available to the biosciences. Many revolutions have happened in light microscopy – from the development of fluorescent imaging to current advances in using artificial intelligence to produce super-resolved images. But there are still many challenges that must be solved by the combination of clever biology, clever physics and clever computing. Chas Nelson will introduce some of the most important historical changes in the microscope and how they have contributed to scientific knowledge before considering where microscopy might be going in the near future. Chas Nelson is a researcher at the University of Glasgow where his research interests focus on the combination of advanced imaging and computing to answer challenging biological questions in new and better ways.

Glasgow, UK
Chas Nelson
LKAS Research Fellow in Data Science

An interdisciplinary scientist with a background in quantitative microscopy and bioimage analysis.