Chas Nelson


Table of Contents

  1. Teaching Interests
  2. Teaching at Durham University
  3. Resources

Teaching Interests

My teaching interests focus on two core areas that I consider essential to a well-rounded undergraduate science course: student-directed learning and transferable skills, particularly experimental design, data analysis and programming skills.

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Teaching at Durham University

My teaching at Durham University includes a student-directed programming course, enabling first year Computer Science undergaduates to learn the Python programming language and develop their own abilities to find and explore resources that they'll use throughout their course and probably careers.

My response answer to a question in the class is "What terms have you searched for?" as the internet is the modern resources for programmers and an ability to utilise resources such as Stack Overflow or your favourite search engine (mine is DuckDuckGo; try "!so Python 3") I find is the key difference between an independent learner/researcher in later years and a student who's just getting grades.

I also deliver a guest lecture to undergraduate biologists on Bioimage Analysis; this is a single lecture designed to introduce the key ideas behing bioi

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Here are links to a few resources that I've put together as part of my teaching duties.

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