The Little Eye

A Point of View on Microscopy Research, the History of the Microscope and a hint of Interdisciplinary Academia

My aim with this blog is to share with others some of my interests, mainly in microscopy and bioimaging. You can expect to see a few different styles of posts as detailed in  Welcome to The Little Eye.

Why “The Little Eye”?

I’ve taken the name The Little Eye from Galileo Galilei who coined his early compound microscopes: "Occhiolino", Italian for 'little eye'. The term 'microscope' was coined by Giovanni Faber, a contempory of Galileo, and comes from the Greek words for 'small' and 'to look at', intended to be analogous to 'telescope' (see Welcome to The Little Eye).

The History of Microscopy – An Interactive Timeline

So this week I want to introduce a new project I’m starting: an interactive timeline of the history of microscopy. The idea behind this is to slowly build up an educational resource that documents key events and people in the history of microscopy. Eventually this timeline will go from the first compound microscopes, through electron and fluorescence microscopy and right up to modern techniques such as lightsheet and super-resolution.

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Technology Touching Life – Multidisciplinary UK Research and Innovation?

This Tuesday (the 20th June 2017) I attended a workshop on the new Technology Touching Life scheme being run by three of the UK’s research councils [1]. The workshops (this was the last of three) were run jointly by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), the Engineering and Physical Sciences Reseasrch Council (EPSRC) and the Medical Research Council (MRC) to foster multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary networks and better integrate such research into the often disciplinary nature of the research councils.

Given the current changes in the research council structure, and the regularly recognised important of multidisciplinary research at this interface, can we expect to see a change in how the councils work together for better multidisciplinary research across the UK?

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Welcome to The Little Eye

About The Author

Hi! My name is Chas Nelson and I’m an interdisciplinary scientist with a background in computational microscopy and bioimaging. My research interests are at the interface where microscopy, computer science and biology must come together to answer important biological questions. I’m also very interested in multidisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity as concepts across teaching, research, funding and policy. I’m the author of this little blog and you can find out more about me at my personal webpages.

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