About Me

Chas Nelson

I am an interdisciplinary scientist with a background in computational microscopy and bioimaging. My research interests are at the hardware-software-wetware interface where optical instrumentation, computing and informatics and biology come together to answer important biomedical questions.

For an idea of my experience and skills please take a look at my extended CV here.

Current Research

I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Assistant at the University of Glasgow where I work with Dr Jonathan Taylor on in vivo light sheet microscopy of the beating zebrafish heart. Find out more about my research…


I have been actively involved in teaching at undergraduate level for several years now. My particular pedagogical interests are in student-directed learning, i.e. courses where students are given a shared set of learning objectives but have the freedom to explore the topic in their own way. Such courses really develop students not just in their knowledge of that topic but also their confidence and a wide range of key skills essential to budding scientists. Read about my courses and education work…

If you would like more detailed information about my research or teaching, or would like to chat about something, you can contact me.